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About Someone Does Care! (AKA Somebody Cares)

Someone Does Care has been committed to reaching out those in need on the Indian Reservations.  Our vision and goal is to help reach out with the Love of Christ to Native American families and children in need.

  First and foremost, we want to give God all the glory for Someone Does Care, and do not want to take any credit for ourselves. Jesus is the Someone Who Cares the most.And because He Cares!——We Care!  1 Peter 5:7     Since 1996, till present, Someone Does Care has been involved with food and clothing distribution to the Navajo and Hopi tribes, but now the emphasis has changed a bit, as Archie & Bettie MacArthur (founders of Someone Does Care) have commented in their own words “Although there are many in need, our affections have now turned to the needs of  abused and neglected Children on the Reservations. Many  children have had the misfortune of becoming the victims of broken and battered homes. These children deserve a chance.

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